A study in the journal Addiction showed that people who did not try to get help for their addiction were less likely to make it 3 years in sobriety, and were more likely to relapse.

  • 62% of those who had professional help in treating their addiction remained in recovery for 3 years after treatment, compared to only 43% of those who didn’t get treatment.
  • 57% of those who made it 3 years were still free of the substance after a total of 16 years.
  • Treatment is often most effective when done in a continuum, either at the same facility or if multiple facilities share information and collaborate on the care of the patient.
Residential rehab provides 24-hour care to help individuals achieve and maintain recovery from addiction. These programs are able to offer a breadth of services that are more likely to help clients develop capabilities and tools to stay in recovery well after leaving the program. These include:
  1. Medically supported detox and withdrawal, if needed.
  2. Medically supported maintenance care, if needed.
  3. Individual therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  4. Family or couples counseling.
  5. Building skills and tools that are necessary for life post treatment.
  6. Follow-up care after the formalized program ends.

Managing withdrawal symptoms is vital to a successful residential program, as the person is more likely to remain in rehab if withdrawal symptoms are kept under control.

When treatment is customized to meet the specific individual’s physical, psychological, and practical needs during and after treatment, it’s more likely to help those struggling with addiction.

Our residential treatment facility offers evidence-based treatments and therapies offer patients a fighting chance at sobriety and recovery.

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