Elite Care Foundation is a behavioral healthcare treatment center that is proud to offer life-changing services, including detox, to adult patients suffering from mental health and substance abuse concerns.

As Thane’s premier treatment facility for comprehensive care, Elite Care Foundation is pleased to offer detoxification, or detox, treatment as a program option to patients who are struggling with chemical dependency.

Detox programs offer many benefits to patients throughout the course of their quest for lifelong sobriety. Immediately, they will be able to regain the physical strength and clarity of mind that comes from removing harmful substances from their systems during detox treatment. In the detox program at Elite Care Foundation, individuals are able to complete these processes without ever having to endure the painful symptoms of withdrawal alone.

Benefits of Detox Treatment

  1. Medically supported detox and withdrawal, if needed.
  2. Medically supported maintenance care, if needed.
  3. Individual therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  4. Family or couples counseling.
  5. Building skills and tools that are necessary for life post treatment.
  6. Follow-up care after the formalized program ends.

In achieving sobriety by completing a detox program, patients can ward off the risk of relapse that may make it harder to resist temptation in the long run. By choosing a treatment program that offers detox as an initial phase of care, you will experience the following benefits:

  1. The risk of continuing to abuse your substance(s) of choice is virtually eliminated as detox programs are housed in substance-free environments.
  2. Rather than face withdrawal alone, you will be surrounded by caring and experienced professionals who will offer support throughout the detox treatment process.
  3. Further damages to your mental and physical health will be eliminated as your substance abuse is halted after completing a detox program
  4. Certain prescription medications can be provided to make you more comfortable during your time in detox.
These immediate benefits of participating in a detox program will help you make the most of the support available to you in the early days of recovery and will set the stage for continued success both during treatment and after you return to your home environment.

Our detox program is designed to help the people in our care build a strong foundation for recovery by establishing sobriety under the supervision of medical and mental health personnel.

Open Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm


Dalal Farm House, opp. Bharat Gas, Mhaskal Rd, Near Ganesh Temple, Titwala, Maharashtra 421605